Professional Restorative Dentistry


Make the most of your teeth with our restorative dentistry services in Rye, New York. At the office of Dr. Robert A. Praid, D.M.D., we offer several ways to restore your teeth and oral health.

Composite Fillings

These tooth-colored composite fillings are used to repair a tooth experiencing decay, cracks, and fractures. We can place them during one appointment. As with most dental restorations, composite filings are not permanent and may someday have to be replaced. But they are very durable , and will last many years, giving you a long lasting, beautiful smile.

Reasons for Crowns


·         Replacing a Large Filling with Little Remaining Tooth Structure

·         Attaching a Bridge

·         Covering a Dental Implant

·         Protecting a Weak Tooth from Fracturing

·         Covering a Discolored or Poorly Shaped Tooth

·         Covering a Tooth after a Root Canal Treatment


Permanent crowns can be made from all metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal or all ceramic. Porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-gold crowns are the most popular in the United States since porcelain is one of the most durable and reliable materials that can be used to create crowns.


Implant Restorations:


Dental implants permanently replace missing teeth. Implants consist of titanium posts topped with artificial restorations. Posts are surgically placed in the jawbone to function as a tooth root. The posts extend from the jawbone through the gums and they are topped with restorations such as crowns or bridges. If we determine that you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, we will refer you to an experienced, respected periodontist or oral surgeon in the are who will place the implant posts. Once the implant post has successfully integrated into the jawbone, and the area is healed, Dr. Praid begins working on your restoration. The artificial teeth restorations we design resemble natural teeth in appearance and function. Implants have the strength to support full dentures and Partials.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a long lasting way to correct aesthetic problems with your smile since they are strong, durable and difficult to stain. Veneers are placed over the front teeth to cover crooked, cracked, discolored, or oddly shaped teeth. Veneers only require two to three office visits before you have a fantastic new smile. Veneers last between 12 to 25 years with proper oral hygiene and bi-yearly visits. Dr. Praid can also replace old veneers and sometimes repair cracked veneers.

Porcelain Onlays

A porcelain onlay is designed to restore a tooth that has broken down so much that fillings are no longer an option. If too much of the tooth is missing, the tooth could fracture. A porcelain onlay covers most, or the entire chewing surface of the tooth and strengthens it so that it won't fracture. Porcelain onlays are better than crowns if the base of the tooth is healthy and intact. Onlays don't go down to the gum line because they cover only weak parts of the tooth.

Complete Dentures & Removable Bridges

There are two types of dentures—complete and removable bridges. Complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing, while partial removable bridges are used when some natural teeth remain. A removable bridge not only fills in the spaces created by missing teeth, it prevents other teeth from shifting. Dentures are very durable appliances and will last many years.

Fixed Bridges

A dental bridge is a fixed non-removable appliance for replacing missing teeth. The “traditional bridge” is the most popular type and is made of either porcelain-fused to-gold or all porcelain. A three unit bridge consists of two crowns that go over two anchoring teeth (abutment teeth) and are attached to a pontic (artificial tooth), filling the gap created by the missing tooth. They are highly durable and last many years.

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